Continuous monitoring allowed this manufacturer to take advantage of opportunities as they emerged, giving them a level of agility that their competitors would struggle to duplicate.

When a global specialty lighting manufacturer wanted to drive growth, they worked with KPMG in Austria to develop their new operating model. A few years later (and thanks in part to their new operating model), the organization needed to adjust their operating model again — this time to scale up to meet new demand.

Using the KPMG Elevate methodology, the organization built a very solid and reliable foundation of data to support decision-making. And, as the various actions related to the new operating model rolled out, this foundation of data provided the executive team with detailed and trustworthy information on project progress, value generation and costs.

Moreover, by continuously keeping track of their data and activities, the organization was able to quickly pivot to take advantage of new opportunities as they emerged — with the ability to rapidly quantify the value, assess the opportunity and then execute based on reliable and accurate data — giving them a level of agility that their competitors would struggle to duplicate.

Your journey to quantifiable value

Step 5 | Continuous tracking enables quick pivot

Don’t just set goals and then ignore them. Your quantification process gave you clear metrics and outcomes to measure. This is not just about reporting back to stakeholders and approvers about whether goals were achieved and the ROI delivered. It’s about being able to rapidly course-correct when new trends or disruptions emerge — based on reliable data and a clear understanding of the business objectives. Develop the capability to continuously evolve how your decision-makers view your baseline organizational data to unlock a perpetual cycle of value measurement and management. Lessons can be learned and shared across the enterprise. With a granularity of data, new opportunities to create incremental value can be uncovered. Measurement is a key to value creation and should never be left as an afterthought.

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