Understanding the trends allowed a B2B leader to maintain market leadership through a more effective R&D function and a better return on capital.

When this dominant player in the B2B technology sector wanted to grow and integrate new development functions, they knew it would be critical to fully understand the trends and implications. The key objective was to generate a more effective R&D function and a better return on capital employed.

The management team worked closely with KPMG in Spain and, leveraging the organization’s deep expertise across industries and product development life cycles, the organization focused on identifying the internal and external forces influencing product development in their sector.

The team then quantified the value of the opportunities they uncovered, giving leadership important insights upon which to base their decisions, and greater control over capital allocation — allowing them to enhance their strategy as they brought new products and tools to market.

While the impact of the pandemic on the client’s sector has changed some of the initial value equations, KPMG in Spain led the organization from problem identification through to execution with a clear view of what they want to achieve and a list of action items to get them to their future operating model for product development, while remaining the key player in the market.

Your journey to quantifiable value

Step 1 starts by assessing the externalities that might influence your decision-making.

Go deeper — explore each trend and consider how they might evolve to find the opportunities and the risks, identify the interdependencies between them, and understand the degree of influence they have on different parts of your business and strategy. You may want to consider broadening your perspective in order to help identify and explore any blind spots. Then consider what is driving your business strategy — Is your organization purpose-driven? Are shareholder returns paramount? Are you using this opportunity to transform? And if so, towards what? Is the transformation triggered by the need to unlock additional value or is it an existential threat? That can help you understand what trends matter and what weight they should be given.

Explore other steps to creating value below.

How can KPMG help?

Perhaps you are going through a transformation, conducting a transaction, or trying to achieve a turnaround in performance. No matter where you are in your organization’s journey, KPMG can help you find, deliver and measure quantifiable value. 

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