Helping you go beyond the numbers to understand value so you can make optimal decisions for your business.

Helping you go beyond the numbers to understand value so you can make optimal decisions...

As our world continues to face rapid and profound change, maintaining a precise understanding of market dynamics and the impact of economic volatility on the value of your business or assets is crucial. Today more than ever, the proven expertise and insights of dedicated valuation and sector specialists can keep you on the path to opportunity and success.

Are you considering an acquisition or disposal, creating a joint venture, or involved in a commercial dispute or litigation? Are you determining value for financial reporting or tax purposes, or raising funds to expand core capabilities? Whatever the challenge in these disruptive times, our valuation specialists are here to help.

KPMG’s global network of more than 2,000 valuation professionals working in more than 70 countries today are providing robust and informed guidance on valuation matters across multiple sectors, deal stages and client types.

Using the latest data analytics, simulations and visualization tools, KPMG has the capabilities to address the most-complex modelling and valuation issues.

  • Independent board advice / Fairness opinions: At KPMG, we advise senior management and boards of public and private companies on how they can raise capital, prioritize market opportunities or consider mergers, acquisitions, joint ventures and divestitures.
  • Accounting, tax and regulatory valuations: We can assist in determining the fair (market) value of equity shares, assets or complex financial instruments under accounting, tax or other regulatory standards such as IPEV, IVS or OECD. Our professionals have the expertise to also provide Purchase Price Allocations (PPA), Impairment Testing, IFRS 16 support, employee or management incentive scheme valuations and recurring fund valuations.
  • Investment / M&A advice and economic analysis: We can provide timely and impartial advice based on advanced data analytics, benchmarking, modelling and valuation concepts for deal pricing, capital-allocation strategies, synergy assessment and strategic-option assessment.
  • Dispute, litigation and expert valuations: We have extensive experience in providing expert witness evidence across a range of dispute-resolution processes, either as a party-appointed, jointly engaged, or court/tribunal-appointed independent expert witness. We provide damage quantifications on contract breaches, IP infringements or shareholder/JV partner disputes. Our strategic and analytical approach is designed to reduce the likelihood of an opinion being challenged and to provide closure to both parties.
  • Venture capital, early stage and LBO valuations: We offer independent analysis and valuation of equity shares and IP when you are raising equity or debt financing, including modelling robust financial business plans based on insights gained thorough commercial due diligence. 
  • Restructuring: We help lenders, companies and administrators in the context of restructurings by providing valuation advice and strategic disposal options in connection with independent business reviews and independent valuation opinions.



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