Joint Ventures and Alliances

Joint Ventures and Alliances

Helping to boost your confidence at each stage of your partnership – from creation to exit.

Helping to boost your confidence at each stage of your partnership – from creation to...

Businesses thrive on good partnerships. Structures such as joint ventures, alliances and consortiums can offer an effective approach to achieving a wide range of strategic objectives. However, given their very nature implies less than full control, they need constant care and attention to deliver the value intended.

KPMG’s globally experienced team of specialists across its member firms have the experience and knowledge to guide you every step of the way. We are dedicated to working with these forms of arrangements, right across their lifecycle, to give you the confidence from creation to exit.

With access to global resources, we will connect you with local relationships and knowledge so you have the full understanding of the strategic, financial, operational and legal implications in creating and setting up a joint venture. When the partnership is underperforming, we use a non-traditional, tailored approach to optimize, reset or exit the joint venture.

Our global network of Deal Advisory professionals focuses you on the key questions to help you preserve maximum value at every stage of the joint venture lifecycle.

  • What are the key activities to enter into a partnership?
  • How do I design a robust partnership, built to last?
  • How do I operationalize this new partnership?
  • How do I ensure that cultural issues do not become an obstacle to the alliance?
  • Is my portfolio of partnerships delivering all possible value?

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