The blue economy presents the opportunity for new business models that enhance marine biodiversity and climate resilience, with jurisdictions around the world looking to apply ‘green’ thinking to our seas and oceans.

Papua New Guinea is no different.

To help make a significant impact in this space, KPMG is taking on a world-first project to help devise and launch a blue economy business incubator in collaboration with the United Nations Development Program (UNDP). The project brings together KPMG professionals from Papua New Guinea, Canada and Australia and subject matter experts from across the globe.

The project’s aim is to support local business growth and preserve the health of ocean ecosystems, starting with an 18-month long pilot that will get underway in Kimbe Bay, a picturesque hotspot for ocean biodiversity in West New Britain Province. With the blue economy being a new focus globally, a big piece of this work will center around capacity building.

The focus will remain on accelerating sustainable livelihood, opportunities linked to marine environment, empowering women-led enterprises and supporting Papua New Guinea’s incredible coral reef ecosystems.

Starting by identifying potential businesses in the blue economy, KPMG professionals will then work with five chosen businesses to help develop investment prospectuses and build their reach, whether it be ecotourism, sustainable fishing or seaweed harvesting.

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