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The ongoing journey towards greater maturity and integration in OT cybersecurity.

While operational technology (OT) cybersecurity has secured its place on the agendas of most industrial Chief Information Security Officers (CISOs), it remains, in many cases, an isolated concern within the broader cybersecurity landscape. Despite significant strides made by numerous organizations in recent years, the field still grapples with challenges of integration and maturity.

Produced in collaboration with The Control System Cyber Security Association International ((CS)2AI), the Control System Cybersecurity Annual Report 2024 offers an in-depth look at the industry's progress, key trends, and critical challenges.

This year's report is based on a survey of more than 630 industry members and a representative sample of (CS)2AI's worldwide membership. Participants were asked about their experiences with control system security events, attack patterns, responses to attacks, and where their organizations are focusing their resources to protect critical systems and assets.

The report's key findings reveal that while the increase in cyberattacks is concerning, organizations have become more proactive in their cybersecurity budgets, focused on prevention and acknowledging the threat of supply chain attacks. Furthermore, the report highlights a pressing need for skilled cybersecurity professionals in the face of escalating cyber threats.

Explore the full report to help gain a clearer understanding of the growing cyber threat landscape and learn how to overcome the roadblocks to progress.

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Control System Cybersecurity Annual Report 2024

Explore the operational technology cybersecurity trends.

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