KPMG International is proud to sponsor MWC Barcelona and be the exclusive sponsor of the 5G & Beyond event theme.

Every day, telco companies see increasing complexity, conflicting choices, and infinite information. This is a world of opportunity. From enabling large enterprises to accelerate digital transformation to helping disruptive start-ups to take off, KPMG professionals know insights reveal new opportunities.

That’s why KPMG International is a supporter of MWC, where the latest KPMG insights will be shared and you can learn from innovative leaders from some of the world’s most successful telco and tech companies, future unicorns that may one day change the industry, and other leaders from across many sectors that influence how we work and live.

KPMG insights and perspectives

Below are perspectives and insights from KPMG professionals that may be valuable for you and your organization. This page will be updated with more insights and details of the plans at MWC, so please come back soon!

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