KPMG Global Cyber Day initiative

Keeping organizations secure depends on helping everyone to be cyber smart. And that starts with our young people. With 33% of internet users under 18, it's imperative that we educate them on staying safe online. 1  

The KPMG Global Cyber Day program aims to make a difference in every community around the world by helping young people and all those who support them learn how to protect themselves and others online.

Throughout October, KPMG cybersecurity professionals help students, teachers and parents become more cyber-aware through interactive classroom sessions, both in person and virtually.

Our Global Cyber Day coincides with International Cyber Security Awareness Month. This internationally recognized campaign promotes cybersecurity among organizations and the public.

How safe are your kids online?

As technology advances, children of all ages spend more time than ever on their devices. Whether it's for studying, playing games or communicating with friends, technology has become an integral part of their daily routine. As a result, parents and guardians are increasingly concerned about the impact of screen time on their children's safety.

Take a few minutes to sit down with your kids and teens and ask them to answer a few questions to assess their online safety.

Getting started

Initiating conversations with kids and teens at an early age can put them on the right path to using the internet securely. As a parent or guardian, it's important to be aware of the potential risks that come with online activity. From cyberbullying to inappropriate content, the internet can be a dangerous place for children who are not equipped to navigate it safely. Therefore, it's crucial to take proactive steps to protect children from online threats. Explore our collection of tips and articles to discover ways to keep yourself and your children safe online.

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1 The Child Online Safety Index, DQ Institute, 2022.