Unleashing emerging technology to transform the supply chain

The challenge: Creating a platform for growth

Barnas Hus puts the power of automation, Al, machine learning and robotics to work. With 28 retail stores supported by a healthy online offering, Barnas Hus is one of Norway's leading children and baby products retail chains. But recent times have seen a rapid transition in the Norwegian retail space, and the leadership team at Barnas Hus recognized the need for change.

Ongoing supply chain issues suggested that the connection between warehouse and stores needed rethinking.

"We needed to solve immediate problems but at the same time, create a platform for future growth," said Lasse Erik Moen, CEO of Barnas Hus. 'As you grow as a child, you need new clothes to fit you. "As a business, we were in a similar situation, we needed something bigger to fit us."

Barnas Hus worked with KPMG in Norway, who took the time to understand the needs of the business. They worked with the client to develop a new technology-focused, cloud-powered platform, run on KPMG Powered Enterprise Supply Chain, enabled by Microsoft Dynamics 365.

We needed to start thinking differently about our own future as a business. We needed something bigger to fit our growth goals and ambitions. Thanks to KPMG's advice and Microsoft Dynamics 365, we were able to leverage KPMG Powered Enterprise I Supply Chain. Now, we have a strong foundation for future growth.

Lasse Erik Moen
CEO, Barnas Hus

The response: Laying foundations for new technologies

The supply chain transformation technology solution for Barnas Hus has resulted in an ecosystem in which staff, suppliers and customers share value. It's making a difference and helping to build a business fit for the future. Barnas Hus has the visibility of inventory it needed, with a new warehouse that uses robotics to pick, pack and track the products heading into stores. Now, store managers and customers can get their products faster and the foundations have been laid for artificial intelligence (Al) and machine learning (ML) gains further down the road. Data and analytics provide the insights that allow the company to understand customers better and to help them create streamlined, more efficient journeys.

The outcome: A vision that's helping to pay dividends

Barnas Hus has a solid platform for sustainable growth, with KPMG Powered Enterprise Supply Chain, enabled by Microsoft Dynamics 365.

"Now all the foundations are in place our warehouse is much more efficient. Our stores are really feeling the benefits," said Lasse Erik Moen, CEO of Barnas Hus. Shortly after the Powered Supply Chain enabled by Microsoft Dynamics 365 implementation, Barnas Hus achieved its biggest ever monthly revenue. This vision is helping to pay dividends.

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