For the second year in a row, KPMG International is proud to have worked with The Consumer Goods Forum (CGF) to co-author their annual review report. When the CGF released its first annual review report in 2021, the world was focused on dealing with COVID-19, and the CGF and the consumer and retail industry swiftly went to work on some of the immediate issues that needed to be addressed. In 2022, the challenge has now shifted to juggle the multiple crises of inflation, conflict, and supply chain while also staying attuned to longer-term sustainability goals.

Throughout Collaborating For Action - 2022 Review, you'll find tangible evidence of the bold actions that each of the 8 Coalitions of Action are taking towards a more sustainable future. KPMG is pleased to have been able to play a part in shining a light on their progress and achievements over the past year.

Sustainability is at the heart of what KPMG firms do with colleagues and clients around the world. Environmental, social and Governance (ESG) issues are the watermark running through KPMG firms — from empowering KPMG professionals to becoming agents of positive change, to the services that support clients and relationships with organizations like the CGF.

KPMG professionals have the global access, expertise, technology and relationships that gives them the ability and responsibility to use their position to provide strategies and services that can help overcome challenges facing the planet and society.

The challenge in 2023 will be in closely monitoring global circumstances while also maintaining as many opportunities as possible for people to come together, share best practices and work on concrete actions and solutions.

Wai-Chan Chan
Managing Director
The Consumer Goods Forum

The pandemic drew the world's attention to the need for collaboration and the power of collective action. KPMG is proud to be a contributor alongside our consumer goods manufacturers and retail clients in achieving a sustainable future.

Isabelle Allen
Global Head of Consumer & Retail
KPMG International

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Collaborating For Action - 2022 Review

KPMG worked with The Consumer Goods Forum on the 2022 review which highlights their progress towards a sustainable future in the consumer and retail industry.

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