In this two-part video series, leaders from KPMG member firms discuss what the Metaverse is and some of the important tax related considerations.

The discussions are moderated by Grant Wardell-Johnson, Global Tax Policy Leader, KPMG International, and features insights and perspectives from Jana Valkovicova, Head of Luxury Sector, KPMG in Switzerland; Hugues Salomé, Partner, Tax & Legal, KPMG in Switzerland; Elfie Ossard-Quintaine, Partner, Co-Head of Global Transfer Pricing Services, KPMG Avocats; and Eric Janowak, Managing Director and Deputy Global Lead, Sovereign Wealth and Pension Funds Tax, KPMG Lower Gulf.

An introduction to the Metaverse

In part 1, the KPMG leaders provide a detailed introduction to the Metaverse and share some future potentials for this new, digital world. Hear about the different perspectives around the Metaverse, the stakeholders involved, the opportunities for wealth, and the industries currently investing in the Metaverse.

The Metaverse: Tax and Strategy

In part 2, the KPMG leaders explore potential futures in the Metaverse from a tax and strategy perspective. Revenue sourcing, potential and existing frameworks, cryptocurrency and tax liabilities are introduced to help explain the specific and unique tax considerations brought forward by the Metaverse.

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