Territorialism, inflation, sustainability, digital transformation, supply chain disruptions - the challenges humanity faces this year are monumental and potentially pernicious. Indeed, 2023 may represent an epoch unlike any other. Future generations may look back at 2023 with deep admiration or deep scorn. They may praise leaders for their foresight or damn them for their inaction. The decisions made this year could shape infrastructure for decades.

This edition of Emerging trends in infrastructure - like those of the past - is as much about inspiring a positive change in mindset as it is about predicting future trends. Rather than simply lament the state of the world, we look ahead to potential approaches and technological solutions, raise new ideas and explore the opportunities that are being created.

Emerging trends in infrastructure is intended to help infrastructure players, governments and decision-makers think differently about the challenges and opportunities facing the infrastructure sector this year. No doubt, it will be a year of continued disruption. These are the ten trends we think you should be watching.



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