Welcome to the 14th edition of the KPMG Global Construction Survey

The KPMG Global Construction Survey (GCS) is an ongoing insight - driving effort through which we are building extensive awareness and knowledge about the sector for engineering and construction leaders as they work towards addressing the evolving nature of construction. As we take a fresh perspective on what is impacting the construction industry today, we look to you for help to make the survey a great success!

The GCS continues to explore critical issues facing the industry by collecting information and insights from leading engineering and construction (E&C) firms, as well as infrastructure and project owners. While we'll continue to examine relevant industry topics presented in the last survey, this 14th GCS will focus on the confluence of significant market drivers in our rapidly evolving world: resilience to economic challenges, innovation and increasing industry-wide urgency on environmental, social and governance (ESG) concerns. The way organizations respond to this transformative period can help determine who thrives, who merely survives and who becomes a footnote in history.

Your views are very important to us, and we thank you for taking time to complete this survey.

All replies will be treated in strict confidence. The results of the survey will be analyzed and presented in an aggregated format, and neither you nor your company will be mentioned as having participated in the study.

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