Years of acquisition-based growth had delivered massive returns for this medical and dental products distributor. But with competition heating up and increasing pressure on pricing, this public company’s leaders knew they needed to unlock quantifiable value, quickly.

KPMG professionals quickly got down to the organization’s transaction-level data, using numerous pools of proprietary data and insights to assess their organization against key benchmarks. Working closely with the business, more than 10 new value-creation opportunities worth an estimated US$150 million were identified. The potential was real. The opportunity was quantifiable.

KPMG then worked with the business to assess resource and capability gaps and to create a detailed implementation plan to unlock the value of the four greatest potential opportunities. The organization’s leadership outlined a plan to improve EBITDA by 100 basis points. These four opportunities would deliver that amount of savings and more.

KPMG Elevate brought together the data, insights and execution capabilities this company needed in order to rapidly deliver value. And, since it was driven by data, informed and executed by KPMG’s experienced professionals, the company has the confidence they need to deliver on their growth objectives. 

KPMG Elevate identified over 10 new value-creation opportunities worth an estimated US$150 million.

Your journey to quantifiable value

Step 3

You know your stakeholder expectations. You have a robust list of value-creation ideas or turn-around opportunities. And you know exactly what each will cost and what they will deliver. Now is the time to prioritize your list. Lean on functional implementation experience to realistically assess your organization’s capacity, capability and timeline for change. Recognize the interdependencies between trends and objectives. Know which levers to pull to achieve the impact you measured. Try to find a good balance between short and long-term activities in order to unlock in-year savings that can fund out-of-year objectives. The outcome of this step should be a practical and achievable list of specific actions you can take and the value that should be generated.

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Your journey to quantifiable value

Perhaps you are going through a transformation, conducting a transaction, or trying to achieve a turnaround in performance. No matter where you are in your organization’s journey, KPMG can help you find, deliver and measure quantifiable value. 

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