Powered by Microsoft Azure, KPMG Digital Gateway for Law is a single platform cloud-based solution that gives you access to the full suite of KPMG Law technologies, supporting services, industry news and latest KPMG insights, while connecting you with knowledgeable professionals from across the global KPMG network.

KPMG Digital Gateway for Law showcases a quality investment in machine learning, data analytics, powerful visualizations and AI technologies in one place, all driven by the rich data you already have on hand. The platform combines the expertise of KPMG’s global network of law professionals, our alliances and our technology solutions to form an integrated platform that has been built to support leaders like you, and the evolving needs of legal functions. This includes tools to support global entity management, international business reorganization, legal entity rationalization, mass claims, contract lifecycle management and more by helping to turn data into value, streamline compliance and planning, and enable effective collaboration across legal departments and beyond.


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KPMG Digital Gateway for Law

An expansive global platform to help tackle today's legal issues through technology.

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Stuart Fuller

Head of Global Legal Services, KPMG International

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