Often considered a categorically ambiguous term, payments is now one of the most critical priorities for business leaders on the global stage. The past few years has seen an exponential rise in activity in the payments arena, across a number of spectrums, including:

  • core infrastructure transformation
  • adoption of digital channel experiences
  • new product innovation
  • sweeping compliance adherence

Gone are the days when payments were just another static profit and loss (P&L) devoid of customer attention and unencumbered by competitive market pressures. Banks are now clearly focused on innovation in their delivery channels and differentiating themselves in the customer experience.

Our approach

At KPMG, we understand the payments business across the value chain for all payment types, from legacy paper checks to newly improved automated clearing house (ACH) channels to the future-forward real-time payment rail being built around the globe.

As a global community of practice, we collectively have a substantial depth of experience from which we can draw to assist and partner with our clients in any marketplace. In fact, a healthy proportion of our practitioners are currently seconded in foreign jurisdictions as a part of our global effort to cross-pollinate our capabilities and the perspectives we bring to the table for our clients.

Contact us

We invite you to reach out to us to learn more about the modernization trends in payments going on today and how they might impact your organization, and your clients ─ keeping in mind that payments tend to have significant implications to the end users as much as to the banks that facilitate them. Retail consumers, commercial businesses, and larger corporates from many industries all stand to gain (or lose) from the forces of change in the payments space right now, so it's critical to identify these signals of change and seize the opportunities in each of these areas.

We hope the information you find here provides you with some insights, and an overview of available KPMG propositions, along with experts you can contact to discuss your payments strategies.



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