Our commitment: Understanding and improving our impact on nature and biodiversity

We are intentional in our approach to the environment and being explicit in how we manage our impact on the natural world is a vital component of how we build a culture of sustainability across our business. 

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Preserving the oceans

In 2021, KPMG China further strengthened its collaboration with the World Wildlife Fund (WWF) to tackle climate issues and protect the environment. Funded by the KPMG Foundation in China, we are supporting a pilot program on ocean conservation. 

The climate-resilient ocean conservation program is the first ocean bankable nature solution (BNS) in the WWF global network. It involves sustainable finance elements and aims to attract private investment to scale up projects focused on climate resilience and sustainability. This program focuses on reducing further negative impacts on marine ecosystems caused by destructive fishing and is intended to foster sustainable practices and consumption behaviors in the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area.

In addition, KPMG China has been a Silver Corporate Member of WWF-Hong Kong since 2014 and participates in various awareness-building and volunteer activities, such as wetland clean-ups and birdwatching.

Protecting community water sources

In collaboration with Conservation International, KPMG China helped initiate a community-based freshwater initiative to help protect water resources in the Dongjiang Basin in Guangdong province — a major water source for Hong Kong (SAR) and the region. The project included the construction of a small-scale wetland to treat domestic sewage and the training of local villagers to maintain it. 

The artificial wetland in Xiadong Village, which was officially opened on 22 April 2021 — on Earth Day — helps to purify water before it flows into the basin and has introduced employment opportunities for villagers to run eco tours. With the success of this initiative, the goal is to identify and extend this project to another village in China in 2022.

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Helping to improve wetland ecosystems

KPMG China also launched a two-year initiative with Shenzhen Mangrove Wetlands Conservation Foundation (MCF) in July 2020 in Shenzhen Bay to monitor and manage the ecosystem, help improve the existing habitat for wetland species and promote environmental awareness to KPMG people and the broader public. 

This initiative has created approximately 7,000m2 of habitat for migratory birds and includes ongoing conservation activities, such as the removal of invasive plants. In addition, KPMG China will publish a joint report on natural succession with MCF by working with people from all walks of life to better understand these ecosystems.

Learn more about KPMG China’s Impact Plan.

By building awareness of our personal and professional impact on the natural world, we are promoting healthier ecosystems and helping to reduce our impact on the environment to build a more sustainable and resilient future. 



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