The evolution of IAM

Businesses and their workforces have endured rapid and profound change in the wake of the global pandemic and it’s clear that the traditional workplace has been rendered obsolete by the shift to hybrid-work models.

As KPMG research reveals in the 2021 CEO Outlook, business leaders are ambitiously pursuing the technology and tools needed to create new work models that combine the flexibility and convenience of working from home with the ability of employees to collaborate and work alongside colleagues in office or workplace settings.

But seamless connections that are reliable and secure will demand strategic investment in new capabilities that meet the needs of today’s evolving businesses and workforces. Digital identity has become key to enforcing access controls for employees, ecosystem partners and customers. Forward looking businesses are wisely embracing identity and access management (IAM) as the critical gatekeeper of their information, data and resources.

In today’s fast evolving ecosystems, the journey forward is clear, there is no time to lose in forging new ways of working while meeting the expectations of increasingly informed customers in the consumer era. This series of articles explores the ways organizations can evolve their IAM to optimize opportunities and prospects for success.


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