Inflation, notably rising energy prices, is pushing up the cost of manufacturing and logistics. Customers became more demanding, as the pandemic drove greater reliance on ecommerce and rapid delivery. Supply chain complexity is increasing, with multiple third parties involved at various stages --making it harder for manufacturers to control and monitor goods' progress, whether upstream, downstream, or during transit. And ESG (environmental, social, governance) expectations are rising, increasing the need to show that goods are produced and transported sustainably and ethically.

However, the unprecedented disruptions of recent years can be catalysts for a new era in supply chain management. Partly in response to recent pressures, a host of data and analytics technologies are emerging that can provide greater supply chain visibility and control. Companies that accelerate the deployment of these technologies not only enhance supply chain resilience but also unlock long-term advantages in speed, cost reduction, and sustainability.

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KPMG Powered Enterprise | Supply Chain is an outcome-driven solution designed to support your organization in addressing the challenge of organizing a complex, dynamic supply chain. It helps you to better meet the demands of customers and respond to market changes, while striving to maximize efficiency gains both now and in the future. A helpful jumpstart to your digital transformation, it is enabled by technology and real-time insights.
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