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It’s an exciting time to be in tax, with the pace of change accelerating tax functions more than ever before as a result of digitalization, government and regulatory developments, ESG, and more. As CEOs look ahead and think about how to navigate the future of tax, the tax leaders of tomorrow have a crucial role to play in shaping how leading organizations influence and respond to the evolution of tax in the coming decades. Their thinking is worth investing in, along with the skills and confidence they will need to exert the influence they deserve over the important next phase of their career.

KPMG’s pioneering T-Suite Program is aimed to find, empower and develop those tax leaders of tomorrow to help in shaping the future of the tax function. Together, with a carefully chosen selection of leading international educators, academics, policymakers, commentators, technical specialists and coaches across and beyond the realm of tax, this program explores the implications of a disrupted and disruptive future.

To help explore this program and its purpose, Melissa Geiger, T-Suite Program Sponsor and Strategic Corporates Tax Leader, KPMG International, and Daniel Winkle, T-Suite Program Director, KPMG International, provided their insights to help learn more.

Hear what they had to say about the program below:

Why was the T-Suite program created?

When looking at what was already available to our clients, we felt there was a need to develop a leadership program available on a global scale for future tax leaders – a program less focused on enhancing tax technical skills and more-so on developing emerging leaders’ confidence, curiosity, communication skills and influence.

Working closely with the T-Suite Advisory Board, consisting of Heads of Tax from some of KPMG firms' largest clients, the T-Suite Program was developed, concentrating on the specific skills that CEOs see as most important in tax leaders of the future.

How is this program designed and what will participants have access to?

The program is designed to identify and communicate the value of the tax team by evaluating the activities of the department and teaching delegates how they can help themselves, and their team, by spending less time on low value/high volume activities and instead focus on high value/low volume activities.

Focusing on existing value, untapped value and future potential value, this program considers new opportunities through the lens of the ESG agenda, technology, regulatory change and the overall readiness to respond. Participants will be given clarity over these areas of focus and should be equipped with the skills to articulate the case for change, advocate this within the business, and to listen to and negotiate with others. They should also be able to hone in on skills with the program’s communication professional and through the coaching available throughout.

In addition, participants of the T-Suite program will have access to leading speakers and educators, such as Christine Armstrong, Dr. Kevin Fong, Betsey Stevenson, Matthew Syed, and Chris Voss' The Black Swan Group. 

And, of course, delegates will have the great opportunity to build a global network. Our hope is that they will come out of this program feeling inspired and having the confidence to create value in a world of uncertainty and disruption.

How does this program prepare participants for the future of tax?

Not only is this program providing delegates with the skills required to lead the tax function of tomorrow, it also allows them to develop a deep network that can support them in years to come. The program will help them to learn from leading speakers, authors and educators, as well as each other, with the opportunity to gain insights and connect with over 25 other individuals facing the same challenges as them.

What is the one thing you hope participants take away from this experience?

It’s hard to identify just one thing, but hopefully participants are inspired to take action back into the business. This program is not only about developing each leader’s individual skills, but also about the ability to identify areas of focus to take back to their teams.


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