KPMG is delighted that the firms’ global climate change and decarbonization advisory services have received a highly positive assessment in an analyst's report from Technology Business Research, Inc (TBR), a leading independent market, competitive and strategic intelligence firm.

Describing KPMG as a 'change agent,' the TBR report noted the launch of a Global Decarbonization center and Global ESG Advisory center – part of KPMG, the platform for supporting and empowering KPMG professionals as they assist clients in achieving their ESG goals.

Bozhidar Hristov, a Principal Analyst at TBR and author of the report, observed that: "KPMG will surely have a leg-up on its peers when it comes to ESG, with KPMG serving as the framework upon which KPMG organizes its knowledge and capabilities around strategic priorities."

Alongside acknowledging KPMG's investment in a range of tools and its broad-ranging set of technology and alliances, TBR praised the organization’s "new investment concept" – Net-Zero Equity. This initiative seeks small investments on a large-scale basis from ordinary citizens to be funneled into high-risk yet direct and impactful decarbonization projects.

TBR said: "Net-Zero Equity proves that KPMG is acting as a thought leader, solution architect and community shepherd around decarbonization on a global scale."

The full TBR report is available here (PDF 284 KB).


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