KPMG is working with some of the smartest and most innovative players in the life sciences sector from around the world. We brought together industry leaders and our experts from around the world to discuss the future of the pharmaceutical, biomedical, and medical device industries. This virtual summit will help you share different perspectives and explore new approaches to help chart a future course.



Session 1: Industry Outlook: The dynamic new reality

In the thriving life sciences industry, future of health takes the center stage and defines corporate purpose. A purpose that is driven by skilled talent that pushes the boundaries of science to deliver products, services, and changes patients' lives. The workforce and leadership, in this industry, are committed to operating at the highest standards and to comply with complex regulations. In this session, industry leaders and our experts provide insights on:




Session 4: Dealing in an era of fast evolving innovation: Deals, M&A, and Alliances

Despite the pandemic, the life sciences industries engaged in more deals in 2020 through 2021 than in prior years. In this session, you will hear from our top strategy, legal, and financial partners as they engage luminaries across the life sciences industry to provide insights on: