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Helping you identify potential issues for your business

Helping you identify potential issues for your business

Interconnectivity between the financial statements and the rest of the annual report on climate-related matters is a key concern for investors and regulators.

Investors are challenging the lack of sufficient disclosure of climate-related information in financial statements and are seeking greater transparency and clarity.

The 2021 reporting season is an opportunity for companies to close this information gap by enhancing their disclosures of the impact of climate-related matters.

In this podcast, Reinhard Dotzlaw asks authors of some of the most recent articles published on our Climate change financial reporting resource centre to each give an insight into how you and your company might best tell your story.

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Web articles referenced by speakers

 Kim Heng What are the potential impacts on inventories?
Anthony Voigt How might employee benefit arrangements be affected by climate-related risks?
Agnieszka Sekita Have you disclosed the impacts of climate-related matters clearly?
Mahesh Narayanasami Do green loans meet the SPPI criterion?
Irina Ipatova How do you account for different forms of government assistance?
Brian O’Donovan Lessors – How will climate-related risks impact operating and finance leases?

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