Navigating the ESG environment today

The world is evolving. The growing climate crisis is driving increasing demands and pressures on businesses to implement sustainable initiatives and turn ESG into action. Business leaders should consider ESG initiatives holistically to help fulfil their purpose, achieve their goals and position themselves for future growth. Tax and regulation are key considerations in this journey and KPMG professionals can help.

How KPMG professionals can help you

Whichever stage you are at in the ESG journey, KPMG's ESG tax and legal professionals can help you navigate and understand the emerging changes to the tax and legal sustainability landscape. 

The experienced team of professionals bring specialized knowledge to key ESG focus areas such as climate, sustainable finance, social and economic development, governance, and measurement and reporting, all of which have tax and legal implications that businesses should consider.

KPMG firms can provide a full range of services in the following areas: 

  • Environmental taxes, incentives, and subsidies, and grants
  • EU Green Deal advice on tax, regulatory and access to funding
  • International fair tax environment advice (e.g. BEPS 2.0 and country-by-country reporting)
  • ESG tax governance, transparency and benchmarking
  • ESG supply and value chain changes; tax and legal services
  • Employee engagement and enablement on ESG activities
  • ESG deals and sustainable finance; tax and legal transformation services
  • Managing ESG Legal risk and ESG litigation

Contact any of the team members below to learn more on how KPMG firms can help you on your tax and legal ESG journey.


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