The KPMG 2021 Global Automotive Executive Survey provides readers with a distinct perspective of the future of the sector. Over 1,100 executives in 31 countries expect to see a sweeping transformation of the sector in the next 5 to 10 years. The executives offer their insights on the major forces shaping the industry, from supply chain issues and powertrains, to changing consumer behavior and new technology entrants.

Among the big trends is a shift to electric vehicles, which is likely to gather pace as a bevy of new and exciting EVs hit the market. By the end of the decade, EV costs are expected to approach parity with internal combustion-powered vehicles. At the same time, digitization is fundamentally altering the relationship between automakers and their customers as well as suppliers.

Every facet of the automotive industry, from product development to manufacturing and distribution, is likely to undergo profound changes brought on by the convergence of the automotive and technology sectors. New entrants are raising billions with IPOs as they take on the established automakers that are, in turn, making big bets on new powertrains, partnerships, and acquisitions.

Many of the auto executives surveyed are excited about the market opportunities they see on the horizon, but there are wide variations of opinion about what the future will look like, how quickly things will change, and who the key players will be. Readers can go to our website to interact with the data and view graphical results by region, country, company type and size, and respondent title.

While much of the optimism among executives about the future may be well founded, the changes will undoubtedly produce both winners and losers, making executives’ choices today even more critical.


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