When we think about fintech segments the biggest trend is diversity, which has been largely driven by the impacts of the pandemic. We are seeing the payments space diversifying beyond person-to-person and bill payments, with solutions increasingly embedded into offerings, retail apps and ecosystem platforms keeping the sector in top spot for fintech funding. We are also seeing surging interest in regtech investments as this new era is making it harder for companies to stay on top of fraud and compliance requirements. Equally, cybersecurity is on pace to see a record level of annual investments by the end of 2021.

At the same time, interest in cryptocurrencies and blockchain, not only from startups and investors, but also from governments and regulators is gaining momentum. While global investment in wealthtech far surprised the 2020 annual high at mid-year.

The positive public market activity from insurtechs, both from IPOs and SPAC mergers, has driven interest in this space up along with valuations in H1’21 with deal size and diversity propelling global insurtech investment.

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VC investments surge and cross-border M&A more than doubles all of 2020.

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