How can KPMG help get you?

Our goal is to help you through your transformation or crisis, and deliver on your business objectives. Reach out to one of multidisciplinary global experts to discuss how we can support your organization.

Connect with Patrick
Patrick Cowley
Global Head of Restructuring
KPMG in China - Hong Kong (SAR)
Connect with Peter
Peter Gothard
ASPAC Regional Head of Restructuring
Connect with Barema
Barema Bocoum
Partner, Head of Restructuring for EMA and France
KPMG in France
Connect with James
James Stewart
National Leader – Restructuring Services
KPMG in Australia
Connect with Andrea
Andrea Oteiza
DA Country Head
KPMG in Argentina
Connect with Michael
Michael Nayer
Partner, Audit and Advisory
KPMG in Austria
Connect with John
John Lopez
Senior Partner
KPMG in Bahamas
Connect with Narayanan
Narayanan Ramachandran
KPMG in Bahrain
Connect with Jorn
Jorn De Neve
Head of Advisory & Head of Energy & Natural Resources
KPMG in Belgium
Connect with Alan
Alan Riddell
Sócio de Deal Advisory e Consumer e Industrial Markets
KPMG in Brazil
Connect with Paul
Paul Van Eyk
Partner, National Service Line Leader, Restructuring & Turnaround
KPMG in Canada
Connect with Linda
Linda Johnson
Head of Advisory
KPMG in Channel Islands Limited
Connect with Patrick
Patrick Cowley
Global Head of Restructuring
KPMG in China - Hong Kong (SAR)
Connect with Stan
Stan He
Head of Restructuring Services
KPMG in China
Connect with Antti
Antti Lojamo
Partner, Advisory
KPMG in Finland
Connect with Florian
Florian Rieser
Partner, Deal Advisory, Restructuring
KPMG in Germany
Connect with Svanbjorn
Svanbjorn Thoroddsen
KPMG in Iceland
Connect with Manish
Manish Aggarwal
Partner, Head – ENR M&A, Special Situations Group
KPMG in India
Connect with Michael
Michael Horn
Head of Sustainability Services and Head of Restructuring Services
KPMG in Indonesia
Connect with Federico
Federico Bonanni
Partner, KPMG Advisory
KPMG in Italy
Connect with Yoshinobu
Yoshinobu Nakamura
KPMG in Japan
Connect with Nigel
Nigel Smith
Head of Debt Advisory and Turnaround
KPMG in Kenya
Connect with Ankul
Ankul Aggarwal
DA Country & Advisory Head
KPMG in Kuwait
Connect with Zia
Zia Hossen
KPMG in Luxembourg
Connect with Adrian
Adrian Hong
Head of Restructuring Services
KPMG in Malaysia
Connect with David
David Caruana
Partner, Advisory Services
KPMG in Malta
Connect with Lourens
Lourens Zijl

KPMG in Netherlands
Connect with Leon
Leon F Bowker
Partner - Deal Advisory
KPMG in New Zealand
Connect with Torbjørn
Torbjørn Hansen
Head of Deal Advisory
KPMG in Norway
Connect with Ines
Ines Dourado

KPMG in Portugal
Connect with Nicoleta
Nicoleta Mihai
Associate Partner, Head of Restructuring and Insolvency
KPMG in Romania
Connect with Firass
Firass Hathout
Head of Restructuring & Turnaround Advisory
KPMG in Saudi Arabia
Connect with Bob
Bob Yap
Head of Advisory
KPMG in Singapore
Connect with Jae-Hyeon
Jae-Hyeon Lee
KPMG in South Korea
Connect with Gonzalo
Gonzalo Montes
Socio en el área de Restructuring
KPMG in Spain
Connect with Bjorn
Bjorn Dahl
Head of Deal Advisory/Head of Restructuring
KPMG in Sweden
Connect with Peter
Peter Dauwalder
Partner, Head of Markets and Head of Restructuring
KPMG in Switzerland
Connect with Janice
Janice Lai
KPMG in Taiwan
Connect with Ian
Ian Thornhill
Executive Director, Transactions & Restructuring
KPMG in Thailand
Connect with Orhan
Orhan Turan
Capital and Debt Advisory Services, Partner
KPMG in Turkey
Connect with Michael
Michael Musso
Managing Director, Deal Advisory and Strategy