Many tax and legal teams spend a lot of their time dealing with data. Often the teams need to manually locate, correct, analyze, reconcile, format and consolidate data throughout the tax and legal documentation lifecycle. Processes like these are under rising pressure as authorities demand more data, in greater detail, with higher accuracy and ever closer to real time.

  • Where does your challenge lie within this process?
  • How much time do you spend in each step of this process?
  • Do you know the data problems you are trying to solve?
  • Are you getting the data you need?

Imagine a world where data management is a seamless process. KPMG has developed technologies and tried and tested process methodologies that can help you solve your specific challenges and needs, wherever it may be in the data lifecycle.

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Here are just a few examples of KPMG’s technology solutions and process methodologies in action to help you manage your data challenges.

Challenge: Uncertainty of the impacts of the OECD’s ‘BEPS 2.0’ initiative. We built data solutions which model the impact of BEPS2.0 on business

Challenge: Difficulty extracting and analyzing transactional data, and unable to identify potential tax risks or opportunities across Indirect tax, Direct Tax, Transfer Pricing and Customs & Trade.

Challenge: No operating model that helps to transform the tax function. No alignment of the strategy of the tax function with the overall business strategy. High cost of compliance. Lack of oversight of tax reporting across multiple jurisdictions.