Mergers and acquisitions – Partnering with others

Key points to consider under IFRS® Standards

Key points to consider under IFRS® Standards

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Merger and acquisition (M&A) activity continues to rise as the world begins its recovery from the COVID-19 pandemic and businesses deal with the impacts of climate change.

In our previous two podcasts in the series we spoke about buying a business and selling businesses. But that may just be a step too far for you – you may simply want to partner with others. If that’s the case, figuring out what type of transaction you have entered into can be tricky. The accounting really depends on whether you are jointly controlling a business, you’re buying a share in another company or simply bringing in investors by issuing shares of one of your companies.

In this podcast, Andrea Schriber and Tara Smith discuss these scenarios. In particular, they look at which accounting standard you need to apply to these different transactions, and also the accounting considerations for these different types of arrangement.

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It really can be a minefield figuring out what accounting rules apply to your transactions. And specifically how to assess whether you have joint control, or potentially an associate investment, and how to deal with any NCI.

Andrea Schriber
ISG Audit Quality Leader – Financial Services
KPMG International Standards Group

It’s really important to think through the accounting implications before your transaction takes place … The accounting can be complex and you might end up with unexpected charges to the profit or loss or to changes in your group that you really don’t want to be dealing with at the last minute.

Tara Smith
KPMG global business combinations topic team vice-chair
KPMG in South Africa

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