Business leaders are increasingly tasked with adapting to new and emerging changes to the business landscape by developing responsible and sustainable strategies, business models, operations and investments.  With ESG matters now factored into corporate performance, they are no longer seen as “soft” issues, but as business practices that can contribute positively to improved company performance.

Companies and nations intent on addressing inequality are making progress on gender pay gap, inclusion and diversity, and transparency issues.  Some now provide public access to reports, broken down by gender, on average remuneration paid for various job categories and positions, for example.

A greater focus has also been seen by companies on ESG investing, which addresses the sustainability and ethical impact of investing in a business based on ESG factors, including gender parity and pay gap transparency.  Today’s younger workers are also increasingly mindful of what companies stand for and their employer ‘brand’ as a desirable workplace. Companies are thus being challenged to make rapid and measurable progress on these important workplace issues.


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