Now more than ever, global mobility and human resources professionals need to develop their geopolitical knowledge and skills. Rising political uncertainty around the world is creating increasingly challenging situations for companies seeking to move the talent they want, into the location where they are needed. Companies and their mobile workforces may face slower processing times to obtain visas and work permits and in many cases rejections where they have never faced rejections before. And the uncertainty is not limited to mobility and immigration, as tax authorities in many jurisdictions – including the more than one hundred countries that have signed-up to the automatic exchange of information – are becoming increasingly sophisticated in how they obtain the information they need to ensure companies and individuals are paying the right amount of tax.

Being compliant in these more complex areas, such as frequent business travelers, is no longer an option, it’s a necessity for a company to avoid severe consequences, both for their own business but also for their employees. It requires more up-front planning, effort and thought, and is giving rise to modern alternatives of mobile employees.

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