Digital is not a thing. It's the world we live in today. And it's redefining what it takes to compete and survive in oil and gas industry. Facing such tremendous change and uncertainty, how do you evolve your business to resize new opportunities?


Key insights

Digitization and Decarbonization in the new reality

Accelerate digitization and work to provide the tools for decarbonization.

Harnessing technology convergence to manage climate change

Scaled investments in climate solutions leveraging IoT, blockchain and Ai can help manage climate change.

The future of IT

Agility fuels success in oil and gas

Enterprise analytics management

Introducing model literacy and discipline to a digital economy

Maintaining cyber security vigilance during business continuity challenges

Bolster cyber defenses despite the impact of depressed oil prices on capital



How KPMG can help?

KPMG member firms recognize that digital leaders in the Oil & Gas industry face increasingly complex demands and challenges. Today, technology must advance the business, not just support it, with boards increasingly expecting returns on digital investments and the implementation of successful digital transformation strategies that will drive up agility, responsiveness and enhance the customer experience.

KPMG professionals can help Oil & Gas executives and professionals to harness new technology and improve the strategic value of their technology investments. If your business is seeking ways to leverage digital  transformation as a source of innovation and competitive growth, KPMG member firms can help.

Capabilities & solutions

KPMG member firms can help prepare oil and gas businesses to thrive in the digital world. From strategy to tech enablement to cultural change, our multi-disciplinary teams take a holistic view of how processes, platforms and behaviors across the front, middle and back offices need to evolve—and offer clear methodologies for executing that transformation.

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