Digitalization is changing the way businesses operate and rapidly changing the tax landscape. New tax requirements (both indirect and direct) seek to ensure that tax is collected at the point of consumption but it is often a struggle for businesses to keep track of the changes in so many jurisdictions around the world where customers are potentially based. While the fast pace and volume of changes started off with indirect taxes, we have seen similar movement with digital services taxes and the like pending consensus at OECD level.
At KPMG we understand how difficult it can be for organizations to stay on top of changes in the world of tax so we have developed the Digital Economy Tax Tracker mobile App.

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The Digital Economy Tax Tracker app can help you

  • stay abreast of key news and legislative developments
  • assess the impact of local indirect tax requirements on your business
  • effectively implement new requirements
  • access the latest KPMG member firm publications on tax issues in the digitalized economy and the digitalization of tax 

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The KPMG Digital Economy Tax Tracker mobile App is free to download in the App Store or Google Play (search for: “Digital Economy Tax Tracker”). The App is best viewed on mobile phones, with an iPad or tablet version yet to be enabled.

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