As the global auto industry enters a phase of restructuring, global auto executives named connectivity and digitization the number one automotive trend in the 20th KPMG Global Automotive Executive Survey (GAES). Change and more change are imminent; executives believe a shift in the industry is imminent and players will need to build on core competencies while defining a new role for themselves beyond traditional expertise.

The auto industry will need to get comfortable with being uncomfortable during this time of change. There is simply not one global answer and the industry is currently functioning as a set of connected but distinct islands. These entities will change, merge and transform as the industry embraces the technology revolution. - Dieter Becker, Global and EMA Head Automotive Practice, KPMG International

The 20th annual Global Automotive Executive Survey explores how approximately 1000 automotive executives from around the world - and nearly 2000 consumers - see the global automotive sector growing, changing and reacting to challenges and opportunities.

The interactive Global Automotive Executive Survey website allows you to customize your view by geography and topic.

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