For businesses of all sizes, the number and variety of contract documents to be prepared, negotiated and managed are steadily rising. In addition, the content of such contracts is growing increasingly specific and complex. The KPMG Contract Lifecycle Management System (CLMS) provides you with software to meet these growing demands.

The challenge

Contracts are becoming more and more important in the context of expanding national and international business relations. Creating, updating and managing such documents, especially in view of the number and level of complexity of legal and regulatory requirements, among other things, is also progressively challenging.

KPMG's approach

The web-based KPMG CLMS allows you to systematically and coherently master these challenges. Its workflow assists you in organizing and managing contracts as well as preparing contracts using intuitively select able templates, both online and offline. It also optimizes internal risk management through simplified audit procedures for draft contracts.

The advantage

  • Helps to reduce costs due to a transparent contract environment, individual analyses and system-supported and efficient processes in contract preparation and management
  • Helps to reduce risks (economic and legal) by relying on uniform templates, review processes and audit-proof administration
  • Helps to increase quality through standardized processes and harmonized, linked systems along the entire contract life cycle

Find out more about KPMG Contract Lifecycle Management System (CLMS) by downloading our factsheet below.