In a digital world, do you trust the data?

In a digital world, do you trust the data?

KPMG International’s Guardians of trust report explores the evolving nature of trust in the digital world.


Data breaches. Machine-based decisions. The rise of the robots. In an increasingly digital world, do you trust the data and analytics that underpin your most critical business decisions?

Trust is now a defining factor in an organization's success or failure. Indeed, trust underpins reputation, customer satisfaction, loyalty and other intangible assets. It inspires employees, enables global markets to function, reduces uncertainty and builds resilience.

The problem is that - in today's environment - trust isn't just about the quality of an organization's brands, products, services and people. It's also about the trustworthiness of the data and analytics that are powering its technology.

KPMG International's Guardians of trust report explores the evolving nature of trust in the digital world. Based on a survey almost 2,200 global information technology (IT) and business decision-makers involved in strategy for data initiatives, this report identifies some of the key trends and emerging principles to support the development of trusted analytics in the digital age.

At a time when machines are increasingly working in parallel with people, this report identifies the clear need for improved and proactive governance of analytics. It considers who should hold responsibility for trusted analytics within the enterprise. It offers new ideas and frameworks for creating greater trust within analytics. And it offers tips to help business leaders improve their own organization's trust in analytics.

Why should you care?

  • 61% of CEOs see building trust as a `top three' priority for their organization 
  • Yet just 35% of IT decision-makers have a high level of trust in their organization's analytics.

“The governance of machines must become a core part of governance for the whole organization. Chief executives and functional leaders will need to manage machines as rigorously as they manage their people.”

Read the full Guardians of trust report (PDF 2.41 MB).

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