Finding a balance between meeting the needs of the business and the needs and expectations of family members is complex.  

What’s keeping today’s family businesses awake at night?


As your family business continues to evolve, an experienced guide can help to steer the way. 

Gain a fresh perspective — let the story of the Sages family business be your guide

The Sages family business story is a fictional account of a family’s entrepreneurial journey as their business grew from a small grocery shop in the 1950s to a major retail group today. 

Here's how you and your family can benefit from the Sages’ experience

With the Sages family business story as a guide, KPMG Private Enterprise Family Business Advisers can work directly with you and your family members to facilitate a customized workshop — or a series of workshops — on the topics that are your top of mind. We can also host roundtable discussions with other business families to share your experiences and learn from those of your peers.

The value of the Sages family story to your family and your business


sages family business

Read more about the opportunities and challenges the Sages have faced — and the strategies they’ve developed — as their business and their family has grown.

Stepping up to the challenge. Here are three opportunities that the Sages family has addressed:

The Sages family business story can help you navigate many of the pressing issues facing business families today.  In addition to the above opportunities there are an additional 17 scenarios that examine the full complexity of the situations the Sages family has faced related to growth, transition, people, risk, governance and wealth.  These scenarios are an excellent basis for opening up conversations for everyone to learn, share experiences and discuss new approaches openly.

To discuss a potential customized workshop for your business family — or the opportunity to join a roundtable discussion with other business families — contact your KPMG Private Enterprise Family Business adviser.

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