KPMG LINK 360 Disputes Management Module

KPMG LINK 360 Disputes Management Module

The KPMG LINK 360 Global Tax Disputes Management Module tool leverages our KPMG LINK 360’s Reporting and Data Management core functionality, as well as helps provide a collaborative relationship with clients and KPMG Disputes and Controversy teams by providing a dashboard view of the client’s global disputes landscape.

KPMG Link 360 Disputes Management Module

Centrally, the KPMG LINK 360 Disputes Management Module can help clients implement a governance framework for tax authority disputes, by providing visibility and transparency into all on-going disputes in each country they operate in. Locally, it provides an easy to use and effective tool for providing information about in country disputes, in a consistent and clear format.

This module is designed to be:

  • Global – provides management with visibility and transparency into actual disputes across the entire organization.  
  • Light-touch – not perceived as an administrative burden to local teams but comprehensive enough to track required key attributes and supporting documentation.
  • Tailored – customized and configured to a client’s organizational structure, processes, and their specific dashboard requirements. The application can also be deployed in many different languages*.  
  • Secure – a flexible security model allows you to determine the available level of access on a user by user basis, helping to ensure secure interaction with the system.  
  • Real-time - local teams can record items as they occur and information can be retrieved 24/7.  
  • Flexible for reporting - capable of organizing and presenting all the collected information into user-friendly reports by jurisdiction, by year or multiple years, by issue and by tax authority.  

The KPMG LINK 360 Disputes Management Module is the combination of a questionnaire for collection of information, and robust reporting features for on-screen presentation or for export to various formats.

*Multi-language capability available upon request.

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