The agendas of today’s healthcare leaders are full, with priorities to address care delivery model reforms, increase digital enablement, tackle health inequalities, and improve workforce planning and wellbeing. Key to supporting these priorities is the need for rapid business modernization and new ways of working that leverage efficiencies wherever possible and deliver insight-led decision making and risk management.

Technology is a key enabler to meeting these priorities such as platforms that support collaboration across care settings, digital solutions that can improve patient and workforce experiences and the critical role of data in enabling effective public health responses.

No matter in a crisis situation or in steadier times, the future of healthcare will continue to involve complex challenges that will require organizations to be agile and resilient. Relying on outdated business processes on legacy systems can hold healthcare organizations back from achieving their purpose and can expose them to unacceptable levels of operational and regulatory risk and cost.

KPMG Powered Enterprise for Healthcare supports rapid business modernization in healthcare organizations aimed at driving better functional performance, supporting new ways of working, ensuring processes are future-ready and better controlling risk and regulation. Through leading practices and processes on pre-configured market-leading cloud technologies, KPMG Powered Enterprise for Healthcare can help organizations rise to the challenges ahead, such as:

  • How can you align HR, Finance and Supply chain systems to future state strategies and target operating models?
  • How can you get more value from your data and use it to inform strategies, address inequalities and improve experiences?
  • How can you reshape your workforce experience and continually drive HR process efficiency?
  • How can you de-risk business transformation and maximize the efficiency and effectiveness of business and IT operations, including cloud-based solutions?
  • How can you proactively manage the magnitude of risks, compliance obligations and issues facing your organization?

Functional transformation across healthcare

Within the healthcare sector, there is a drive to rapidly modernize key functions such as Finance, HR, and IT to create better functional performance and new ways of working. KPMG professionals are working with healthcare clients to make use of technologies and future-ready processes to deliver single workforce management capability to better manage resources, support insight-led budgeting and forecasting, create economies of scale through integration or collaboration, and develop HR platforms that help retain and attract talent.

Powered Enterprise for Healthcare is enabled by market-leading platforms, including Microsoft, Oracle, SAP, ServiceNow and Workday, all designed to dynamically drive impactful change and jump-start your digital transformation. At KPMG, we bring together multidisciplinary teams that have the technical and healthcare expertise necessary to ensure a comprehensive view is taken.

No matter where your healthcare organization is at on its modernization journey, KPMG firms can offer a broad range of industry specific accelerators and enablers. Talk to us today to learn how we can help your organization address current challenges and future needs.

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