Connected Enterprise for Health is a sector-specific, customer-centric, enterprise-wide approach to digital transformation that includes practical tools, agile methods and frameworks to support various steps of a healthcare organization’s journey.

Digital transformation is expected to touch every aspect of healthcare ecosystems in the coming years, from patient experiences to clinical and operational systems, to the skills and culture of healthcare workers. Digitally enabled transformation in healthcare requires several orchestrated elements to help achieve new levels of value and ongoing innovation.

The KPMG Connected Enterprise for Health approach is designed to help organizations assess their existing capabilities, identify gaps, and manage transformation hurdles across the enterprise to design and embrace future business models.

The eight capabilities of the KPMG Connected Enterprise approach can deliver the tools, methods and frameworks to help transform healthcare for a changing of service, outcomes and return on investment.

Companies and organizations who invest in the eight capabilities of the KPMG Connected Enterprise are twice as likely to be successful in meeting customer expectations, delivering ROI and achieving their business objectives.*

The tools, methods, frameworks and digital solutions woven into KPMG Connected Enterprise for Health are informed by deep healthcare sector experience and the latest business thinking, but our perspective is essentially practical and outcome focused.

In addition to the eight capabilities, at KPMG we believe a strategic execution plan is essential and three key elements serve as pillars that underpin the journey to transformational change and a truly connected healthcare enterprise:

  • A clear business blueprint that identifies functions and processes impacted by transformation.
  • A technology architecture that integrates data and digital solutions underpinning transformation.
  • Target operating models for impacted functions and processes to sustain change over time.

With deep industry experience, KPMG professionals are positioned to guide and support healthcare organizations and systems. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help your organization in its digital transformation journey.

Eight capabilities of kpmg connected enterprise

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