Governments and public sector organizations are under continuous financial pressure to meet the demands of today as well as anticipate those of tomorrow. Modern finance leaders are looking to extend the role of the finance function beyond transaction processing and reporting to become providers of better insights and strategic value for the organizations they serve.

To make this possible, your finance team needs agility and access to the latest real-time data to help inform critical decisions that can drive financial performance. You also will need tools and know-how to rapidly implement new ways of working and deliver a sustainable digital transformation.

Using KPMG professionals’ extensive public sector finance experience, KPMG Powered Enterprise | Finance has been tailored to help you jump-start your finance modernization and derive enhanced value from an investment in SaaS technologies. This is referred to as KPMG Powered Enterprise | Finance for Government and Public Sector (KPMG Powered Finance for Government)

Choose to enhance the value of finance

With KPMG Powered Finance for Government, you have immediate access to leading public sector finance practices and processes that help transform the finance function with lower risk, faster speed to value, and with a people-centric experience.

This dynamic, pre-configured tool is enabled by market leading SaaS platforms and designed to accelerate financial operations, while helping to reduce accounting and forecasting costs, improving working capital and freeing up resources by helping to cut time spent on manual tasks.

KPMG Powered Finance for Government reaches beyond efficiency gains from traditional finance-related tasks by using automation, predictive analytics, and cognitive learning to help extend the role of finance. It provides the evidence and support you need for answering the challenges that face a modern function, such as:

  • How should our finance function improve its agility?
  • How can the finance function provide higher value to the wider organization?
  • How can I help my people embrace change?
  • How do I get more value from my data and start to take advantage of the next generation of technology?
  • How do I provide the insight and control to oversee wider innovation and transformation?

The ambition should be a finance organization that moves faster, smarter, and ultimately provides greater value to the taxpayer, government employees, the public and the communities.

The KPMG Powered Finance for Government tool

KPMG Powered Finance for Government provides you with three coordinated tools for transformational success. Using tested operating models, implementation suite of tools, and ongoing evolution services, you can begin to make your desired finance outcomes a reality.

Shape how transformation plays through every layer of your organization by using KPMG professionals’ leading practices, pre-configured on the SaaS platform of your choice.

The cloud migration experience has been distilled into pre-built components across six critical areas: functional processes, people, service delivery model, technology, performance insights and data and governance.

Strive to achieve finance transformation value faster with reduced risk.

A coordinated platform with next generation tools and methods helps deliver functional transformation. It simplifies implementation and helps you unlock value faster with reduced risk.

Adopt a platform and approach that drives continuing evolution and innovation.

The tool provides specialized services, so you get lasting value from your SaaS investment. Keeping pace with the latest developments in technology and leading practice allows you to make transformation a way of operating, not a one-time exercise.


Why choose KPMG Powered Finance for Government – how the Powered Enterprise suite of technology solutions can help you:

  • Move from vision to reality more quickly, with managed risk

  • Drive efficiency savings and reduce the cost of finance related transactions

  • Add value faster by aligning financial strategy with performance measures

  • Access and harness data and continuously create valuable insights

  • Build an agile finance function with a platform for continued evolution

  • Tap straight into leading finance technologies, processes, and operating models

  • Help your people embrace change

  • Increase financial transparency to enhance public trust

Pre-built maturity models, leading practices, measures, policies and more to provide a common starting point to an accelerated program. Supporting early and more completed visualization of the target state.

Target operating model

KPMG Powered Enterprise | Finance is enabled by market leading platforms, including Microsoft, Oracle, SAP, and Workday.

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