It’s clear that oil and gas companies are facing one of their most challenging times. For many of these organizations, a key to adapting will be finding an informed perspective that can help them position themselves for what the future may bring.

We understand the challenges that are facing the oil and gas industry. Pressure to reduce carbon emissions, volatile commodity prices, changing demand patterns, financing and regulations are all having significant impact. This environment is difficult for organization to assess and make change.

KPMG professionals support businesses across the oil and gas industry, from global corporations, independent and national oil companies, as well as refining and oil field services. We can help to grow your revenue, bring efficiency to operations, manage risk or access capital. We aim to future-proof businesses, helping to make them resilient and adapt to emerging challenges.






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KPMG firms work with global oil and gas corporations, independents, refining and oil service firms, and national oil companies around the world. We can help you navigate the difficulties of operating across regulatory regimes and highlight how changes could impact supply chains and global delivery models. By keeping an eye on long-term resilience, KPMG professionals can help companies return to stability and grow.

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