Alexandra Cameron

Senior Manager

KPMG in the UK

If you ever thought there was such a thing as a typical consultant, then Alexandra’s background should make you think again. She’s been by turns a professional session musician, an accountant and a diving instructor. Having left KPMG a few years previously, she was attracted back by the chance to work in the Global Strategy Group, liaising with her peers all over the world, with a heavy dose of travel thrown in. To be a good strategist, Alexandra believes you must take a holistic mindset, understand business broadly and be prepared to delve deep into the heart of a problem. Take a recent assignment with a client experiencing declining revenue as it struggles to come to grips with disruption. She was part of a team tasked with creating a plan to reverse the trend and set the business on a new course. This called for highly innovative and practical thinking, along with an in-depth awareness and knowledge of the sector. She initially joined KPMG almost by accident when she noticed that some of her university friends had taken up summer internships. She thought: “Why not try that” and the rest, as they say, is history. As you can probably tell, Alexandra likes challenge and variety. And right now she’s getting plenty of both. According to Alexandra, if you love learning and experiencing new things, there’s no shortage of opportunities in the Global Strategy Group.

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