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co-authored with Judson Althoff, Executive Vice President and Chief Commercial Officer, Microsoft

Organizational leaders across industries are seeking ways to harness the potential of generative AI, and for good reason. Today’s advancements hold enormous possibilities to help organizations enrich employee experiences, reinvent customer engagement, reshape business processes, and bend the curve on innovation.

The road to artificial intelligence (AI) transformation begins with digital transformation, which is business transformation empowered by cloud technology. For those who have built a modernized business estate fortified with the Microsoft Cloud, AI transformation is not only possible, but already happening today.

From differentiated copilot capabilities grounded in responsible AI to co-development on Microsoft’s open AI platform to co-innovation directly with customers, Microsoft is a technology partner organizations trust. With a commitment to pragmatic innovation, Microsoft and KPMG professionals are helping joint customers maximize their AI investments with a focus on achieving their most pressing business outcomes.

KPMG firms fully understand the importance of bringing together human expertise and technological innovation. As we continue to deliver on the ambition articulated within our landmark agreement of helping clients be at the forefront of the AI revolution, KPMG professionals and Microsoft teams are working together to fully leverage the latest generative AI innovations, such as Microsoft Fabric and Copilot, to create scalable, secure, and responsible AI solutions that help clients transform their data into valuable insights and actions. By combining the deep industry insights, functional expertise, and business acumen of KPMG professionals with Microsoft's cutting-edge cloud and AI capabilities, we offer clients a unique value proposition: data and AI solutions that are powerful and innovative, while also being ethical and trustworthy.

Using the newest technologies to transform the way we work

As early adopters and collaborators of several Microsoft technologies, KPMG professionals have seen first-hand the productivity gains these technologies can deliver. After testing Copilot for Microsoft 365 in a private preview and sharing our learnings with Microsoft to help inform the evolution of the product, we are now deploying it across functional areas, already seeing an early return on investment, and the entire KPMG network is excited and committed to leveraging the value delivered by Copilot.

KPMG firms are leveraging Microsoft Fabric to power next generation data and AI solutions and services, such as KPMG Powered Enterprise Data & Analytics and KPMG Powered Enterprise Sustainability solutions, which help organizations accelerate their data and AI journey and achieve business outcomes faster. We are also building a multi-cloud FinOps solution using Microsoft Fabric to provide insights and intelligence that help optimize cloud expenditure for KPMG firms and clients.

KPMG firms are also using Microsoft OpenAI Service to drive internal and external use cases, and continue to transform our portfolio of digital solutions and services including KymChat in Australia, which is currently being used by thousands of KPMG professionals (and will be demonstrated on stage at Microsoft Ignite).

KPMG professionals can help implement and integrate these technologies into clients’ systems and workflows with increased speed and scale, as well as provide guidance and best practices on how to use data and AI solutions responsibly.

Responsible AI

Stakeholder trust is essential for any business, but never more so than for organizations that want to successfully leverage the power of data and AI. Customers, employees, and our partner ecosystems continue to demand increased transparency, accountability, and fairness from AI systems; and organizations will need policies and practices in place to meet these expectations.

KPMG’s trusted AI framework helps to address these challenges by considering how people, culture, governance, and risk mechanisms support and reinforce trustworthy AI systems through their lifecycle.

Using AI responsibly and ethically is not only a business imperative, but also a competitive advantage. Organizations that can demonstrate their commitment to responsible AI can build trust, enhance their reputation, and create increased value for all stakeholders. And together, KPMG firms and Microsoft can help you every step of the way.

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Throughout this page, “we”, “us” and “our” refers to KPMG and Microsoft.