David Rowlands

David Rowlands: Partner, Global Head of AI

David will help drive and implement KPMG's AI strategy applying emerging AI technologies to enhance client engagements and the employee experience in a way that is responsible, trustworthy and safe. This will include equipping our people with the latest AI tooling, developing AI solutions for our clients and building a global AI immersion programme to ensure our people are able to leverage the benefits of AI. Prior to this role, David the UK Head of Consulting from April 2017. He served on the UK Executive Committee from November 2015 to December 2023. Prior to joining KPMG as a Partner in 2009, David worked at Accenture for 13 years after starting his career at Proctor & Gamble. David lives in Edinburgh with his wife and three children. In his spare time he enjoys mountain climbing, rock climbing and ice climbing.