Assets and infrastructure have come of age: smarter, more capable, better connected. But many clients are still grappling with the traditional challenges of aging infrastructure, increasing customer demand and evolving regulatory landscapes amongst the backdrop of environmental mandates and geopolitical events.

From the boardroom to the frontline, organisations are looking to transform, and exploit the potential opportunities presented by the emerging ecosystem of digital, data and technology capabilities (in Infrastructure, referred to as InfraTech). We support the investment decisions related to technology infrastructure including cyber investments, cloud investments and systems for customer records such as Electronic Patient Record systems in healthcare.

The time for transformation is now. Asset-intensive organisations that embrace digital transformation will not only unlock operational efficiency and cost savings but also gain a competitive edge in navigating our climate-driven challenges. The scarcity of skilled labour and the rapid evolution of technology call for a strategic pivot—where digital investment is not an afterthought, but the lynchpin of operational success.

We are at the forefront of this evolution, transforming complex landscapes into streamlined ecosystems of innovation and efficiency.

As champions of this evolution, we are at the forefront, transforming complex landscapes into streamlined ecosystems of innovation and efficiency.

Who we help

Infrastructure and asset-intensive organisations and their supply chains, including engineering and construction firms, across the following sectors:

  • Transport
  • Power & utilities
  • Central and local government
  • Healthcare
  • Defence
  • Real Estate

What we do

Our clients want to understand where they sit in this digital landscape, and where they need to focus their efforts:

  • Where should they be investing in InfraTech?
  • What does digital transformation look like?
  • What capabilities, skills and cultural changes are needed to take advantage of data analytics for their assets?
  • What tools can be fast-tracked into their organisations to accelerate benefits?

Our InfraTech Advisory team combines our knowledge of Infrastructure and Technology to help our clients achieve better outcomes. We assess and diagnose capability, systems and data shortfalls to identify opportunities to improve productivity, address efficiency gaps and get more value from assets. Our services cover the full range of needs:

Diagnostics and Strategy
Bridging the gap between business needs and technology, we help organisations translate their business strategies into focused technology business cases and roadmaps, to prioritise investments that will drive tangible results.

Investment decision making
Supporting the strategy, options appraisal, procurement and planning for major digital investments - see also our work on business cases.

End-to-End Delivery
Our comprehensive support spans from the initial strategy to the final implementation, to realise our clients’ vision and secure the benefits.

Solutions and Analytics
We connect the dots between the needs and the solutions, whether by enhancing in-house systems, providing interim solutions, or crafting bespoke products.

Our offerings are encapsulated in our specialist, proprietary tools like Build IQ, a paragon of data management and analysis, streamlining project delivery and enhancing decision-making with its rich insights and real-time analytics.
In addition to our own suite of tools, we partner with leading technology providers to bring cutting edge solutions that enable assets to be run more efficiently or on a more sustainable basis.

At KPMG, we have catalysed change across numerous projects, where our support has accelerated delivery by up to 40% while significantly reducing capital and operational expenditures.

What sets us apart is our independence, ensuring unbiased assessments and bespoke solutions. We differentiate ourselves through our global infrastructure networks, a larger team capable of supporting complex organisations across various sectors and asset classes, and a proven track record.