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HR is in a state of flux. Global volatility and uncertainty has driven a focus on how to steer through the next few years, whilst increasing the value from HR teams. It is a journey from flux to flow.

The labour market is experiencing acute shortages of key skills, as employees go through the ‘Great Reconsideration’. Meanwhile, boards want more from HR. They’re demanding a connected, digitally enabled and analytics-led function that can support the organisation's wider aims.

KPMG surveyed 300 HR leaders and interviewed 12 organisations leading their peers in the future of HR. We discovered that, while each HR function needs to find its own way, there are common themes in addressing the challenges faced by the function today.

Our latest research found Pathfinders – those HR functions forging a path through this changing landscape – are less concerned with what others do and say about people management. Instead, they’re building the capabilities needed for their marketplace, and to deliver their organisation's strategy. They’re providing people insights to enable decision-making. And they’re embedding themselves into other functions and the C-Suite, to allow the value of HR to benefit the whole organisation. As they do so, the HR Pathfinders have identified, and are focusing on, six critical priorities for the next three years. Download the latest report to find out more.

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The future of HR: From flux to flow

How Pathfinders are grappling with the current challenges faced by the function and are moving towards 2025 with purpose

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