Increasing market and client needs, regulatory change and the digital revolution all add to a legal sector upheaval. These external factors prompt introspection. Professional practices are examining how their firms are organised, how their services are delivered and how they can capitalise on digital opportunities. The focus on improving productivity and increasing profitability should be relentless.

KPMG’s Professional Services Solutions team aims to help professional practices, both legal and non-legal. We help to tackle the various simultaneous challenges professional service firms face. We have brought together experts from across our own firm, with relevant insight and experience in consulting for the legal sector, as well as other professional markets.


If profitable growth is your objective, let us help you get the most from your pricing structure, operating model and supporting systems, and the best from your people too. Alternatively, restructuring or a merger might deliver the growth you want. Whatever your ambitions, we’ll ensure that you have your risks covered. We will draw on our people with information and regulatory risk know-how, and provide comfort in a risk-based audit and tax service.

Our UK team is backed by the KPMG international network. We are accustomed to coordinating and delivering a fully integrated international service wherever in the world your business takes you and whatever challenges you encounter.

There are more challenges ahead. But there are great and diverse opportunities for professional service firms that tackle the issues and seize the initiative.

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