The drive to net zero – decarbonizing your supply chain

This is the tenth of 11 webinars in our webinar series "KPMG Procurement & Supply Chain

This is the tenth of 11 webinars in our webinar series "KPMG Procurement & Supply Chain

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24 November 2022 at 09:00-10:00

More and more organizations are committing to reduce their carbon emissions, in line with the expectations set by their stakeholders: customers, owners & investors, employees and the wider public. While these commitments are documented well in sustainability reports and often pro-actively communicated, there is less visibility on how organizations execute against these commitments and actually work to reduce their emissions.

In this webinar we will look into both, measuring and tracking actual emissions, including a live demo of our business partner Ignite Procurement’s Scope 3 solution and into concrete approaches to execute carbon reductions in the most relevant categories.

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Mathias Backsæther

Mathias Backsæther, Ignite Procurement

Mathias has a background from NTNU with a MSc in nanotechnology. He started working in Ignite as a software engineer, but quickly realized that he could contribute more when working on sustainability. Today, he leads Ignite’s efforts on carbon accounting.

Hans-Jörg Robert

Hans-Jörg Robert, KPMG AS

Hans-Jörg is a partner with KPMG Operations in Oslo, coordinating procurement & supply chain advisory in the Nordic countries. He has more than 20 years of experience in sourcing, procurement transformation and procurement technology.

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