Transaction Services

Transaction Services

Samjong KPMG’s Transaction Services division is a trusted partner in our client’s path to success in domestic and overseas M&A transactions.

Samjong KPMG’s Transaction Services division is a trusted partner in our client’s path...

Samjong KPMG’s Transaction Services division is a trusted partner in our client’s path to success in domestic and overseas M&A transactions. We assist our clients make effective and prompt decisions by identifying investment risks and opportunities. 


Buy-Side Due Diligence

Through critical analysis of a target company’s financial, tax, IT and HR matters, we can gain comprehensive understanding on deal breaking issues, business valuations, and issues that must be reflected in the SPA. We support our clients in achieving their strategic M&A goals by delivering advisory services that are responsive to their needs.


Structuring and Sales & Purchase Agreement (“SPA”) Assistance

We provide M&A advisory services from an accounting, tax, IT and HR perspective to ensure our clients perform their acquisitions at an optimal level. Our support includes preparing an SPA which properly accounts for financial risks and countermeasures. 


Sell-Side Assistance

Through sell-side due diligence, we identify key issues, which may arise during the course of sale procedures, and potential upside items to maximize the sale value. In addition, we provide a complete, full range of assistance related to sale processes including data room preparation and operation, transaction structure design, and SPA review.


Integration & Separation

Samjong KPMG’s Integration & Separation practice comprises fully-fledged professionals who work closely with the KPMG Global network to provide Post Merger Integration (PMI) and separation/spin-off assistance to multinational corporations (MNC) in various industries. We support our clients to adapt to changing circumstances and transition seamlessly by assisting them develop strategic priorities with well-orchestrated integration and implementation plans to realize value on mergers. 


Post-merger Integration (PMI)

Our extensive PMI services include development of pre-closing integration planning, Day 1 Readiness, 100-Day Plan, synergy assessment and Target Operating Model (TOM) to realize synergies and establish one enterprise with a common set of shared values.



Separation does not just mean disposing of non-core businesses, divestiture or preparing standalone financial statements for separated entities. A thorough, well-orchestrated separation plan looks holistically across core functional areas of the business to reduce risks and manage a smooth transition through various considerations and mechanisms including Transitional Service Agreements (TSA), Long-Term Agreements (LTA), Day 1 Readiness and Critical Path, ensuring daily operations continue without disruptions.

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